Faith comes first in this Christian student’s political beliefs

By Emily Lytle

Now studying Communication, Law, Economics and Government (CLEG) at AU, sophomore Taylor Griffin spent the summer interning with Lancaster Stands Up, a non-partisan grassroots organization in her hometown of Lancaster, PA. Beyond these political experiences, though, it’s Griffin’s Christian faith that she said has largely shaped her political opinions and voting habits.

“My faith obviously is one of the number one most important things in my life, and I think politics for me right now, where I am in my future career and school, comes pretty much second,” Griffin said.


An active member of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Griffin said the Bible teaches her to help others, even if she doesn’t benefit in return. Education, for example, is one area where she said she sees her faith and politics interact.

“It shouldn’t matter if you’re wealthy and you can attend a great private school, everyone deserves to have some place they can go to, that’s going to be a safe place, a place where they can learn, and a place where they can build maybe even a better life than what their parents had for them,” Griffin said.   In addition to downsizing classes and encouraging more students to go to college for teaching, Griffin said she would support raising even her

own property taxes to better fund public schools.

“It’s not my job to be like, ‘Well, you know what, I earned this money. It’s my money. I’m going to keep it,'” Griffin said. To her, practicing her faith means using her money for God’s glory by helping someone else.

While Griffin’s religious beliefs have influenced her political opinions on topics like abortion, she said: “Just because I don’t think something is right, doesn’t mean that other people don’t have that opportunity to do that – because they don’t have to live by my religion.”

Registered to vote in Pennsylvania’s 11th District, Griffin said she supports the Democrat candidate for House Representative, Jess King. She said she was attracted to King’s strong defense of immigrants and refugees, her campaign promise to make an “America for all of us” and her desire to protect the environment.

“Climate change is also very important to me because I believe this earth was given to us as a gift by God who created it,” Griffin said. “If the Creator of life gave us this earth, it is our job to take care of it.”