In American University’s The Eagle:

KPU and SOC host CNN’s Jake Tapper

Tapper discussed journalism under Trump’s administration

Maria Elena Salinas—co-anchor of Univision Newtork News and one of the most influential journalists in the U.S—came to American University in Washington, D.C., to screen her award-winning documentary, “Risking It All: Children at the Border,” as part of the “Films Across Borders” immigration film series in Washington, D.C. Described by the New York Times as “the voice of Hispanic America,” Salinas was interviewed by AU School of Communication professor Jane Hall and engaged with students about immigration, media and politics and her outstanding career.

In this segment a student asks what improvements she would like to see in mainstream-media coverage of immigrants. She says that coverage should include Latino experts and professionals on stories other than immigration. Latinos, she says, care about many issues and coverage should reflect that. “We’re Americans, too,” she says.

Republican presidential strategist Ana Navarro and Democrat presidential strategist Patti Solis Doyle offered their strong views on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the tumultuous 2016 presidential campaign in a discussion with American University students on the eve of the election. Navarro—a Nicaraguan-born Republican and CNN commentator—was outspoken in her criticism of Trump’s campaign and his views on immigration and women; and she discussed the impact of Trump on the Republican party and the country.

Solis Doyle—the first Hispanic woman to run a presidential campaign and a current CNN commentator—talked about Hillary Clinton’s outreach to Hispanics, Donald Trump and Latino voters, and the challenges Clinton faces with young voters. The two were interviewed by Professor Jane Hall, and they analyzed TV commercials with Professor Andrew Babb and their students and classes in politics and the media and political advertising in the School of Communication at American University. The event was co-sponsored by the School of Communication and the non-partisan Kennedy Political Union, along with the names of the rest of the groups.

In this segment Navarro responds to a student’s question about “how did we get here,” how did Donald Trump win the nomination; Navarro discusses crowded Republican field and Trump’s media savvy and voters’ anger. Solis Doyle asserts that Republican candidates did not oppose Trump out of fear of alienating his supporters.

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