Martin Baron–who led the Boston Globe investigation into the Catholic Church child sex-abuse scandal that is the focus of the Oscar-nominated movie “Spotlight”–sat down with American University professor Jane Hall, students, faculty and alumni to discuss the movie and the issues it raises. Hall spoke with Baron about the story behind “Spotlight” and why it is resonating not only with journalists and the general public, but also with abuse survivors.

Baron, known for his career as an editor leading award-winning investigative journalism at major newspapers, has been the executive editor of The Washington Post since 2013. Under his leadership the Post has has won three Pulitzer prizes for investigative journalism.

Jane Hall, a professor in journalism at the School of Communication at American University, is the long-running moderator of the American Forum series of town halls with students on issues in politics, media and popular culture.

Anita Hill and Professor Jane Hall, American Forum, 2016

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