Distaste for Trump in Every Form

by Anying Guo

American University senior Peter Close stares straight ahead as he contemplates just how large of a role Donald Trump has played into his vote in the upcoming election, specifically discussing the importance of voting for anyone over the age of 18 in the United States.


“Anyone who is 18 or older should register to vote,” said Close. “It’s their civic duty.” As someone that lives in a different state than he is registered in, Close understands the lack of accessibility when it comes to voting. He cites the issue as one of the most important in the upcoming election and the issue closest to his heart. 

“Ensuring most people have access to voting booths is helpful for prevention of a minority that can be affected by majority power,” said Close.

His passion extends to issues that don’t always involve him as well, such as gun control and sexual assault, recent issues that have been at the forefront of voters’ minders.

But beyond voting rights, Close particularly feels that one of the most important issues at risk are reproductive rights, particularly since the Republican party has taken over Congress. Men, he said, are “essentially protected in every form,” highlighting how that increases the risks of losing healthcare that doesn’t belong to them.

“[I try] to be understanding of other people’s grievances or problems,” said Close. “I think [reproductive rights] is one most at risk.”

When circling back to Donald Trump and his role in how Close will cast his vote this upcoming election cycle, he does what only can be described as a scowl. He says he would not vote for a candidate that showed any kind of support for the president, not even if the candidate was his own father.

“The dude sucks,” Close sums up.