Trump’s not the whole picture this election

By: Alyssa Miguel

Chris Conner, a political science major at American University, is definitely going to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. Conner, a 22-year-old resident of Chestertown, Maryland, thinks voters put too much weight in the opinions of their politicians concerning President Trump. 

“I think people tend to think if they [politicians] support Trump or not, that means, that defines everything else they stand for and I don’t think that’s necessarily the case either,” said Conner, “I also don’t think it has to be so black and white.”

Conner tends to lean more to the right on several issues facing the United States including gun laws, immigration, and the economy, but still believes the typically liberal issue of climate change plays an important role in this election. Conner even cited “environmental management and regulations” as one of the most important issues facing the country alChrisongside collusion with Russia and preventing mass shootings.

Conner says that immigration is another big issue facing the country, and would rather support a candidate who is against sanctuary cities. “There’s obvious reasons and in addition to that, you have more chain migration and all those issues and… sanctuary cities,” said Conner, “To me, that one’s pretty important to me. I combine that with more national security issues as well.”

As for issues that face him directly, Conner is already thinking about the student debt that awaits him after graduation. Being a senior in college, this issue is will affect him sooner rather than later.

“That’s going to be something that’s literally going to affect me and I’m going to have to pay it off,” said Conner about his student loan debt. “Luckily my parents are helping me somehow… That’s something that over the past few years I know has been talked about; student loans getting worse and worse.”