The national​ debt is a leading issue this election

By: Alyssa Miguel

Although he didn’t vote in the primary elections. Jon Sadenwasser, a 21-year-old from Georgetown, Pennsylvania, said he will be voting in the general elections. 

Sadenwasser, a political science major, is really concerned about the spending and debt that is going on right now in the United States. Sadenwasser even went so far as to liken the US to the Roman Empire.

“The United States is a big country and we can only handle so much debt,” said Sadenwasser, “Rome had lots of debt, yet Rome fell, and we’re essentially an empire, not as much as we used to be, but we’re still a big country.”


The national debt isn’t just a personal issue for Sadenwasser; it’s an issue that affects everyone in the United States.

“Every single person in this country right now, if we divided up the debt, owes $47,000. Each one of us. Everyone in the United States owes that to the federal government,” Sadenwasser said with panic in his voice. “Most people in the United States balance their own budgets, why can’t the federal government?”

With the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh underway, Sadenwasser believes that now is as good a time as any to take a look at how the United State’s courts are set up. Sadenwasser believes that the lower courts need attention too, as he said, “most people don’t think about the lower courts, but they’re just as important as the Supreme Court”

Immigration is another issue which Sadenwasser would like to see resolved. To him, it doesn’t matter which administration started or caused the problems with family separation, he just wants it to be resolved. 

“The whole family separation at the border – that needs to be solved. Even if it was done under previous administrations, it’s still not being solved. It needs to be,” Sadenwasser said. “The legal immigration system needs to be – the whole immigration system in general, legal and illegal, needs to be solved.”

Sadenwasser said that a candidate’s support for President Trump will help in how he views the candidate but is still open to other candidates. Sadenwasser said, “Me personally, like sure it’s a bonus if a candidate supports Trump. But for example, if like a John McCain type Republican ran, I would still vote for John McCain.”