Ralph Calls on Politicians Not to Forget Farmers

By: Ryan Siegel

While many voters heading to the polls have different issues they are concerned with, Tristin Ralph’s main concerns might not be as mainstream as the rest of the nation.

Ralph, a senior from Jonestown, PA just outside of Hershey, is the District 6 Leader of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee, and hails from a small-town family of farmers.


“I think that’s important that both parties both Democrat and Republican don’t lose sight of some of the strongest backbones of our country is small-town farmers,” Ralph said. “That is the people who get up at 4:30 in the morning, milk the cows and do all that and dairy in Pennsylvania is struggling.”

Tristin_RalphAs a Pennsylvanian from a predominantly Republican Congressional district, Ralph is one of only seven registered democrats in his hometown and takes an active role in the political landscape.  His focus is on his own family’s interests in farming as well as jobs and the economy. However, for a member of his own local Democratic Committee, he is more than willing to give credit to Trump.

“I think we’re in a really good spot economically and is something I think Trump doesn’t get enough credit for that he’s actually done a good job sustaining this great economy that we’ve kind of found ourselves in,” Ralph said.

For many college students like Ralph, the worry of finding a job entering the working world is always something top of mind.  With student loan payments hitting not long after graduation, Ralph realizes that it’s a personal issue that many students come to grips with.

“That’s something that as I’m graduating and looking to law school or just to pay off the loans I already have that’s something hugely personal for me,” Ralph said.

While his Pennsylvania congressional district (9th District) has been a Republican stronghold, Ralph still plans to turn out to vote for the issues whether his candidates wins or not.