From Singapore to Texas, AU student fears the future of the job market

By: Danielle Korzhenyak

Although American University junior, Ava Feer, was originally born in Washington D.C., she spent the first half of her life in Singapore and the second half in Houston, Texas, where her family currently resides. Feer recounts her interactions with folks who reside in the state and some of the events she witnessed, such as an anti-abortion protest.

“I come from a very conservative state, we all know that,” said Feer.

The SIS major and Communications minor says she is concerned about the future of our country, particularly the economy and job market. As a college student, she feels as though the economy is doing well at the moment and hopes it maintains the stability towards the future as she hustles to find a salary paying job.

Ava Feer

“I still have over a year left in school and it kind of worries me right now because the economy is doing pretty well right now and I don’t know if it will in a year and a half considering the economic policies the administration is carrying out. So, that to me is a bit worrying,” said Feer.

Feer is registered as a Democrat and doesn’t necessarily believe the Republicans are going to win in the upcoming elections. With prominent Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke running a surprisingly strong race in the senate race against Ted Cruz, Feer says she appreciates O’Rourke’s stance against Trump.

“To be honest, since I do come from a pretty conservative state, I can’t be too picky regarding who to elect, just the fact that he is a Democrat puts me behind him, you know what I mean? Because I don’t have a lot of choices,” said Feer.

Feer touches on the fact that Texas is very different from other states, such as New York, where it is much more likely to have the option of picking from a progressive Democrat and a middleground Democrat.

” I think the fact that we do have Beto O’Rourke running in the Senate is good and he’s very against Trump. I think that’s a big plus. Then again, he is from Texas and he does need to win over some conservative votes to win,” said Feer.