Are you pro or anti-Trump? Some voters are tired of politicians telling them

By: Jack Thuon

Both Democrats and Republicans alike have found a major talking point for the upcoming Midterm election: President Donald Trump.

But some Americans are growing tired of the president being the center of attention, including American University junior Andrew Toksoz-Exley.


“I think that I am personally beginning to get a bit fatigued over people running on just anti and pro-Trump platforms,” Toksoz-Exley said. According to him, that is what a lot of Democrats and Republicans are doing.

Toksoz-Exley is from Massachusetts, a state in which both U.S. senators and all nine representatives are Democrats. Toksoz-Exley’s hometown of Boston will have a new representative after Ayanna Pressley defeated incumbent Michael Capuano in a stunning upset earlier this month. Pressley does not have a Republican challenger for the general election in November.

Despite a surefire win for Pressley, Toksoz-Exley is still planning on voting, as Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Republican Gov. Charlie Baker are also up for reelection. Toksoz-Exley, who is registered to vote, plans on casting a ballot for Sen. Warren, but is undecided on Gov. Baker.

However, Toksoz-Exley says he does not want to see the Democrats run against the president, nor does he want to see Republicans run with him. He wants candidates to run on local issues, issues that he says, are being overlooked.

“[There] might be a stereotype where a lot of people in liberal areas care more about political correctness instead of jobs,” Toksoz-Exley said. “I think that’s a myth. But at the same time, I wish there was a little more issue paid to that, because I think it’s an issue that people on both sides of the political battle can agree on is important to them and their children.”

Jobs, specifically for young people, is the most important issue facing Toksoz-Exley personally. He claims that it is very difficult for young people to find jobs “that aren’t just entry level in the service industry.”

While Toksoz-Exley is not the biggest supporter of President Trump, he wishes politicians would stick to actually policy and presenting ways to fix the problems facing the country.