jane chuck

Professor Jane Hall and Chuck Todd


Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Professor Jane Hall

Univision TV Anchor Maria Elena Salinas, American Forum, 2017

Jake Tapper and Professor Jane Hall, American Forum, 2017

American Forum 2019

Listen to the conversation here

Program highlights

American University professor Jane Hall interviews Congressman Steve Cohen, a Democrat representing the 9th district of Tennessee, for the 2019 American Forum. (American University School of Communication)

Journalism senior Theresa Maher with SOC grad and undergrad students in Prof. Hall’s Politics and the Media class asking questions of Cong. Cohen. (American University School of Communication)

Journalism grad student Alexis Soto asking a question, with grad students and undergrads in pol-comm and journalism around him. (American University School of Communication)


American Forum 2019 in the media

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